Erogamers Update+Waifu

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2013 crept up out of nowhere for me, and I’ve been busy as he’ll getting myself together for college classes, friends, and a buttload of league of legends. I have been occupied to make a new update, but with the recent destruction of my laptop, the gaming has dimmed and my mind begins to simmer once again with promising reviews and h-game rants.


So far, on my old netbook, i have gotten around to playing fate stay night, my top visual novel game that i got my hands on at 2011 Anime Expo. I thank my friend David for loaning it to me long enough to install the game and patch it with voices (still need to get around to patching his)

I should start by saying i actually finished the Fate original route, in which you romance the lovely Saber in the war for the holy grail. Currently, after half a year of negligence, I return to playing the second route, Unlimited Bladeworks, and after seeing the terrible movie adaptation from Universal studios, i was more than happy to play the game that i barely got a glimpse of. So far, Emiya Shirou had gotten more bad ass than his previous self in fate original, slowly following the
Techniques of Servant Archer and standing his ground against Caster.

Anyways, i did not make this post to review anything. I came with an update for the future. I, Edwin Vega, have decided to link my WordPress and tumblr together to hopefully entertain future enthusiasts.

I also want to finish Katawa Shoujo and talk, about it a bit, but that will have to wait until i get my thumbdrive back. I also want start School Days, Princess Waltz, Snow Sakura (for Davids sake), and Monster Girl Quest 1-2

For future posts, i would like to talk about and recommend a few of my favorite hentai artists, as well as a few fantastic artists i have been following for some time.

Lastly, i hope to review more hentai vids. So far, the only request is Night Shift Nurses, Like Mother Like Daughter, and Bible Black… The first and last one will break me.

Until the semester is over, progress will be slow, but i hope to have more laughs, tears, and the occasional meltdown as i entertain the people in this blog. So for now, i have provided an image of myself and my waifu and embedded a link to a great waifu rant. Hope you guys enjoy it.




My Vision of an Open Hentai World/ Hinako Series (Surprisingly PG-13)

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As a young boy, I was one of the few people in my first grade elementary school that noticed girls for what they were, girls. Well yeah, an obvious observation. What I mean is, that I noticed girls as people rather than some gross abomination as my fellows around me. Of course, being different, I began to develop an early infatuation with the opposite sex, which I kindly blame cartoon pairings and my mothers Spanish Soaps for influencing me heavily; after all, I was only a boy who didn’t even grasp the concept of love. If I remember clearly, I thought all girls had a penis (slight Futa joke), and actually believed this until 5th grade when I stumbled upon the playboy website at my elementary school’s computer lab. The adult world has a way of marking a child, leaving many unanswered questions and a hunger for knowledge, and I wanted to be enlightened. Since elementary, my mental mind has been an unstable mess of hormones throughout my pubescent years before finally slowing down around my Senior Year of High School. Pornography isn’t quite the same as it was for me six years ago when all the gears kicked in and the acne outbreaks followed. Unlike most of my former classmates, I was deeply infatuated with the world of 2d girls. The occasional porn actress randomly popped every now and then, however, the illusion of porn became obvious to me and I enjoyed it less and less; in a sense the same thing occurs in hentai, yet my more developed mind processed it much more differently.

Both Hentai and live action porn set up an illusion to bring in the audience, which is strange since many people expect to have action at the start. I prefer to think that most people are somewhat civilized from our former cavemen cousins, I mean, why else would a story be involved in some porn flicks. Anyways, both hentai and live action maintain an illusion; however, hentai is not limited by budget and reality. Hentai can sustain it’s hold on the viewer with an intriguing plot and characters for a fraction of the cost compared to the average porn industry. Like all acting, the mask of the character must be kept on and well played at all times, be it a romantic short or a tentacle rape series (they exist).

I am a busy person. I go to class, return home and distract myself with anime and manga, so I rarely watch or read hentai. I will call myself an avid hentai viewer simply because I am one. I’m a critique at heart.

With that said, I would freely like to express my deepest opinion on a strange series I was reunited with after two years. What happens when you have a tedious at home workout session and mix it up with the rich taste of anime flare? Well, you get the Training With Hinako series.

Otaku culture has long been viewed as unhealthy, antisocial, and maturing men who are the bane of Japanese society. Surely enough, be it some act of kindness or a government conspiracy, Training with Hinako has gotten quite a fan base. Not only does Hinako have a session on 5-10 minute workouts, she has an entire video on properly stretching, bathing, and sleeping (yes, sleeping). I’m sure WTF Japan has gotten around to mentioning Isshoni training, nevertheless, I am still impressed that such a concept as a workout video has inspired many lazy men to stretch their stiff legs and start doing some push ups. Yes, I too am among those who workout to this on occasion; I mean, who wouldn’t mind being cheered on by such a cute girl to keep pushing on while you finish up those crunches? So far, I’ve had fun working out to Hinako’s videos than I do actually working out, to which I reply, “Nice job.”

Moe Moe… Kyun~

Bottom line, I see no problem with people working out with Hinako. Hell, the stretching video is short but entertaining in itself. What I did find strange was her other two videos, Isshoni training: Bathtime and Isshono training: SLeeping with Hinako. I failed to see the point from these videos, which vary in fan service depending on taste. So far, I’ve made my opinion on Hinako’s training videos, and I must admit, they’re not bad. If it helps get people away from they’re computers, then so be it. Who cares if it’s a bit strange, if you start losing pounds and gaining muscle, isn’t it worth it? Also, lets face it, no one likes going to the gym either. Why pay for a personal trainer, when you can have Hinako?

Dat Hinako

Why Japan… Why: Princess Knight Catue 1-3 Rant

April 15, 2012 § 5 Comments

I won’t lie at all, saying that I, along with several others of my kind (Otaku’s), watch hentai on a regular basis. Cramped in my small room and with nothing to do, I pass the time by either playing Visual Novels, watching anime, reading hentai doujinshi and watch hentai. Now before you get ahead of yourself and call me a sicko like the rest of my kind, I am not like my fapping cousins and am quite a civilized person. I don’t get off watching hentai, playing visual novels, or reading hentai doujinshi. Hell I might as well put my dick in carbonite and mount it on the wall. My own home lacks such privacy and isn’t the ideal place for such a thing; I can’t help but be reminded of the movie “40 Days and Nights”. Anyways, yes, I watch hentai like I would watch a Hollywood blockbuster film: Yes I have friends I talk to about my adventures on hentai lane, and yes I go on hentai sites to read/watch new stuff on my spare time. The point is, I watch hentai when it is convenient and away from my peers. I defend hentai not as pornography, but as a form of art that not many can understand. Where people see 2d animated characters fucking, I see a romance between two lovers who slyly convey their feelings of love for each other in secret. Today however, for my first Hentai video rant/praise, I thought I’d talk about the exception to hentai. Yes, I don’t defend all hentai, I defend the average, good loving vanilla and the occasional group and cheating (which varies on the story and emotion portrayed). I despise the giant tentacle monsters forcing a girl spread eagle and fucking her brains out, which I call being “Typical Japan.” Despite my strong opinion against it, this is merely just that, “an opinion.” Many people feel as strongly as I do, and many others don’t, and that is all well and dandy. This entry is just my story about a hentai  that I knew nothing about, dove in head first into a genre that I could only fathom in discussions, and popped my rape cherry in the first twenty minutes.

Today on the chopping block, I bring you one such series that deserves to be commended since I watched it until the last episode, under the recommendation of one of my forum buddies. II present, Princess Knight Catue.

Typical Japan

Okay, so the story goes off like this: the kingdom of Dragundal gets attacked by a demon army (typical), and as I watch the first minutes of episode 1 I gaze at abominable dragon like men shoving 15 inches inside a woman and violating her until she spewed volcanic white fluid out of her mouth. Okay, that was totally bad and it is beyond me as to why I didn’t shut it off that instant and forget I ever saw such a thing? Point is, the Land of Dragundal is clusterfucked by demons and their only hope for rescue is their warrior princess, Catue (typical).

Catue, a young busty silver haired woman and full fledged Dragon Knight, returns to her enslaved hometown and boldly makes a daring assault against the demon general residing in her castle. Failing in her mission, the Demon General offers her a deal (don’t take it!), in which that if she survives 7 days of torture, the kingdom and its people would be restored and the demons would quietly leave… At this point I come to the conclusion that Catue would be humiliated during those seven days… I was right.

On the first day, Catue forcibly sucks off surviving warriors who haven’t become monsters, and finishes her task splendidly >.> what I had not thought was that Catue’s mother (the blonde), would be involved. Anyways, the second day she has her chastity taken away by a pig demon, all while her hubby watched. I won’t go on since the rest of the series is just a repeated version of what I already stated, Catue manages to survive on the last day and given an option; to kill her lover (turned dragon) or give up the resurrection of her kingdom… Take the time to make an educated guess on what option she chose.

Failing to rescue her kingdom, the plot caught my interest, as the demon general is about to reveal his evil plan. Forcing a ritual, he tries to awaken the dragon trait within Catue and turn her monster, that is until it backfires and she converts halfway. Turns out, only men are able to turn dragon like, and to shame Catue for her failure, leaves her kingdom directly under the control of his Demon lord. V_V typical Japan. The series is well drawn, but watching this was too unpleasant. I commend it for making me watch it all the way, but  I would have had a better time eating glass. Hopefully the next video I watch is better.

I Can’t Believe I Finished This Retarded Game: Lightning Warrior Raidy II Part 3

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Spring break ended 2 weeks ago for me, and I’m pissed off at how unfruitful it was. The highlight of my spring break was hanging out with my friend Cindy (aka Cindaquil) and being with Adam, DJ, Pablo, and a few others smoking out of a hookah. The lowest point and biggest waste of time was spent playing Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 (the sequel to the first). Not only was I dungeon crawling down this cavern, fighting random encounter monsters (which the loli ones were cute), and 4 boss encounters that raped my character my first encounter. Turns out, I had to find certain items in the dungeons (filled with puzzle traps, fake walls, and teleporting rooms) that I simply had enough and turned to a guide online. Yes! A guide online! Hate on me for cheating, but believe me, you too would be frustrated with the amount of crap teleporting you back repeatedly and bumping into walls until you pass through one that is fake… anyways… I left our slutty warrior on the 5th boss, Rejiru, a succubus like boss with scarab like armor. My encounter ended up with me being seduced by pink fog, toyed with sexually before thrown into a dungeon… Well fuck, no wonder why I quit at that point. 2 weeks later, I once again torture myself and sit down to finish off what I set off to do… to the end at least…

**Note, it seems that Peach princess calls Rejiru “Lecille”**


Thrown into a dungeon, it seems my journey would end as Raidy waits for the villain to take her and use her repeatedly. Well… through circumstances, I obtained a small thief’s lock-pick from a fellow girl I rescued, which was the only thing that I was not stripped of. Escaping my cozy prison home, I run around the dungeons with no armor, weapon, or gear in hand… nope. Just my bare ass and tits bouncing around… oh joy…

Luckily for me, I had my trusty guide that navigated me through the dungeon floors and arrived at a location of monsters selling wares, whom were monsters Raidy had previously dealt punishing justice in the first game. In exchange for gear, armor, weapons, and a good healing, I’ve had to offer Raidy’s body to be tortured via wax, whip, and an enema (the last one was unpleasant). I love Japan for most of it’s amazing hentai, but this was the last straw and I… rage quitted ten minutes into the game… again… >.>


Ugh… after a bit of rehabilitation (watching some Maken Ki), I once again started up the game geared up in equipment, various potions, and a passionate hatred to simply finish and uninstall this game. Fighting my way to the next floor, I encounter my first boss… a little girl with a golem whose wang rivaled that of Sea Biscuit. The stone fellow (did I mention big?) was sexually assaulting one of the Jami bandit bosses I previously defeated. Skipping the dialogue sequence (since it was always the same BS), I prepared Raidy for a battle against the giant rock headed monster led by his lolita master; though of course, I cheated by charging my lightning powers for 3 turns, and instant killed the motherfucker.


The game is really easy if you simply charge your lightning after 3-4 turns and using a lighting attack; during that time you take less damage than you would hacking and slashing, and it saves time. Anyways, the golem, dazed and messed up, began to assault it’s master with his 15 inches, leaving me to save my former enemy… I did mention big right?

It's Raping Time!!!

After witnessing Sea-Biscuit (the Golem) plow his 15 inches into a very sorry Loli (that rhymed!!!), I continued through the next floor of the dungeon, which involved me having to navigate through an innumerable number of fake walls! FUCK!!! Even with the guide, it was confusing as hell to get through, fighting monsters, and searching for the specific items I needed in order to progress! The rage on my face frightened Chewy (a dog/roommate), who hid under several blankets on his dog bed while watching me pop several blood vessels. Fighting  the boss, a woman in giant red armor, I once again commenced to charge my lightning and beat the bitch and commence to smack her rear end. I say this now, my most enjoyable moment throughout this was to crush the bosses who defeat me and take pleasure in punishing them… This game had awakened more of my Sadistic tendencies, which Chewy quivered repeatedly as I screamed out “TAKE IT BETCH!”… >.>

I don't always spank someone, but when I do, the bitch deserved it

Heading forward to the next floor, pushing my way through random encounter monsters, I come across my next boss, a ninja… Sounds fun right? Not when you’re out of MP potions and mana. The shitty gear I had on me wasn’t able to withstand an assault by ninja girl, who tore me to pieces and violated me on a wooden horse. I replayed the same battle but it eventually came down to me going back to grinding tactics.

Not Again D:<

Loading a previous save, I force myself to grind as I navigate my way back to the item shop gals (at the dungeon area). I bought all new gear, stocked up on items, and crawled back up against heavy crit dealing monsters!!! Luckily, I gained a few levels before reaching Ninja gal, and dealt punishing justice to her crotch, and all in time to save the damsel in distress… which was another Jami Bandit boss. V_V Raidy is too kind.

Time to Whip it out!... >.> okay that was bad

The final floor was a bitch to get through, not because of the traps, but because the monsters dealt a lot of damage to my health. Even reaching max level (35) I still had trouble fighting the 9 tailed foxes. With perseverance, I made it to the boss room… until I read the guide and realized I was lacking a certain item. What I was missing was Sexcaliber (yes I know, I too giggled), which used pent up lust from masturbating to deal massive damage. Without it, Rejiru would have defeated me and I would have lost ;n; Returning back two whole floors, I picked up the item, went one floor down to charge it, and before I go back to fight the boss I encounter a cute girl being assaulted by some tentacled monster. Taking the time to help the girl, called Horn, who is a priestess of the light, I learn that that there is a lightning spirit within me, a sign that I was chosen by to defend the people of Els from the god of Chaos.

Such a Sweetheart :3

Anyways, prepared and ready for my encounter with Rejiru, I smacked the bitch with lightning blasts before pinning her down with rope (convenient enough) and opening her legs for Sexcaliber to do it’s job >:3


My sadistic moment short lived, the story comes along and ruins my triumphant moment over the Succubus that defeated me previously. The villain once again appeared, the priest of chaos named Gav, comes to mock me before leaving. Turns out, Raidy stopping the bandits, dungeon crawling and defeating bosses, and all the crazy encounters I had, all helped the Gav (the priest) to speed his resurrection of Chaos. Pissed off, Raidy chases after him, conveniently speeding through five levels of dungeons, and making it outside where a giant building has surfaced on the lake. Fuck my life… it’ll never end.

The Journey still continues

I know I’m close to beating the game, since the guide I was using was a helpful hint that I had to survive 2 more bosses before the finale. V_V Grabbing as many potions, I head into the temple and begin to fight the monsters (which deal a lot of damage. My most favorite of these monsters is the Nightmare, a ghoulish girl surrounded by blue fire, who is so cute that you want to hug her!!!… until she tries to drain your life 😦

They're Cute Until They Try To Kill You

Fighting my way through to the boss, I come across a major turn of events, which should have been obvious to me if I payed more attention to the dialogue. Turns out, I am fighting a Mimic, who poses as me and tortures innocent girls. D:< Oh hell no! I forced Raidy to beat that girl to a pulp and swiftly deal out punishing justice upon her! Once again, our friend Mr. Rope comes in handy as Fake Raidy is tied up and put on a wooden horse. REVENGE!!!

Self Incest?

Redeeming my name, I continue to push onward to the next floor, defeating clown like girls and reaching the boss… who has a very hard… shaft… >.> no joke. This Angel has sprouted a penis, and knows how to use it. Sensing that I am close to the ending, I smack her with a couple lightning attacks, and shove a purple dildo into her… well I censored it for the sake of the blog, but take my word for it… I’ts purple ;D

Bitch Got A Penis~

Ugh… Stomaching a very horny angel assault, I make it to the final boss, Gav, who waits for me eagerly to begin the final battle against good and chaotic (not evil). Thinking this to be an easy fight, I attacked gave with lightning and believe him to be defeated. He gets back up pissed off, and transform into Chaos @_@ I’m out of potions, low on health, and nearly out of MP! I foolishly did not save, and I was going to have it rough this next round. Somehow, I luckily blocked most of his attacks, giving me enough time to charge my powers, and attack him with a final lightning attack before slashing him a few times. BOOM! Saved the world from a crazed chaotic demon.


Defeating Gav and his sex fiends, Raidy returns back to town as a hero, where even the Jami Bandits await her triumphant return and see her off. Raidy’s quest may continue, but I for one am done. I’ve raged too much just playing this, and after so many attempts to lose purposely and following the guide, I have yet to unlock over half of the CG’s. FUCK THAT SHIT!!! I’ll have a better time in Dark Souls Blight Town than Raidy. If I could, I’d send a very angry hate letter to the developers, giving my opinions on what to do for a 3rd game. Dear Developers… CHANGE THE GAME MECHANICS, GET RID OF THE REPETITIVE DIALOGUE CHOICES, AND USE BETTER VOICE ACTING EQUIPMENT!… ahem… for those interested in S&M play, Bondage, and other sick shit (literally), this game might be designed for you. As for myself, I am going to uninstall this game and denounce it for what it is, trash. If I hear nice things about the third game, I might pick it up and test it out, but until then, I never want to see Raidy ever again. I’m sorry David, and I thank you for the effort in loaning me the game, but it is beyond me how this is an “Improvement” from the first game (which I have yet to play). There was potential, and I really wish there was, but I couldn’t even have fun playing this game… Anyways, I’m going to need anger management from now on… until next time


Scantily Clad Warrior Raidy/ Lightning Warrior Raidy II Part 2

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After my previous rage fest of Lightning Warrior Raidy, I significantly made progress the night before, stomaching every bit the game had to offer to me. Truly, my opinion is that this is a poorly developed RPG but it does incorporate the hentai visual novel status that the Japanese audience desires. I however do want to take back what I said about there not being a skip feature… turns out you can skip the entire dialogue if you wanted to, but it would mean missing out on important clues that could help you… which I had to learn the hard way.

Like I mentioned before in the previous entry, your goal is to thwart the Jami Bandits and return the kidnapped girls back to Lake Blue. So gearing up with what little money I had (which wasn’t much), it was off to run in my slutty armor and rescue helpless damsels in distress! If there is anything Japan has taught me, it’s that the skimpier the outfit the better the armor rating… Which, mostly turned out to be true in the game. It does not matter if you wear leather armor or cheap plate armor, your look never changes >.> bummer… OFF TO JAMI HIDEOUT!

Dressed to Impress

It is at this point, where I pursue this quest that I am first introduced to the game controls. The dungeon crawling element of the game (simply yet effective), was a welcome addition to the game. To move forward, one had to use the arrow keys, and turn with left or right, and so on. The inventory controls are located on the lower right of the game, below the mini map. These include the map button (shaped as the map), the equipment button (the armor looking button), potions button, events (shaped as the key), and Status (shaped as Raidy). If you ever played an RPG, the hp and mp meter should be familiar to you, along with the leveling up and condition (basically means if i’m poisoned and such), which basically explains everything about the game’s movement element.

So simple, a caveman can do it!

Now combat is another story, a simple matter of buttons. The player has the choice to attack (duh), defend (duh), use potions (heal bitch), run away (RUN FOREST RUN!), and use your special (Meteor!… JK). Simple enough to understand. The monsters are unique in the sense that all of them are women, and like Monstergirl Quest, each monster looks humanoid and attractive with slight monstrous features such as horns or cat ears, etc. Throughout the Jami Hideout, I’ve had to plow through the first level in search of a route to the next floor, having my fun with the random encounters along the way.

A New Challenger Has Entered The Ring!

I had the pleasure of being attacked by monsters large and small, and upon defeating them be reduced to gorgeous girls right before my eyes. Really, this game is something, rewarding the player with slight nude CG’s that would make a prepubescent boy wet himself in excitement, though for an adult this is nothing but a tease. Still, it was nice addition to grinding, with new foes to encounter and strip, it all benefited me with the hope that I would beat the game with all the CG’s unlocked.


Of course, it isn’t an RPG without a boss fight right? Stepping into the final room before the stairs up, I come across Sudia, one of Jami’s top notch helpers in this mess. Introduced while Sudia is sexually torturing a helpless girl, Raidy goes to work and… loses. Yes, I lost the first time, and Raidy was tortured until she converted into a mindless sex slave… which rewards the player with CG images. Attempting combat once again, I toss Sudia around and defeated her, getting revenge on my previous failure by returning the favor… Be winning or losing, you are always rewarded with sexual content at the end of battle… which means the player should save before an encounter to obtain both the win and defeat CG.

Once again I return to the dungeon crawling, heading upstairs and plowing my way through to the second boss, and then finally making my way to the last level and inevitably my encounter with Jami. Entering her room, I come across Jami who is not only torturing a girl (like all the others have), but a strange hooded fellow was with her. Oh boy… this game isn’t going to be over anytime soon. Surely enough, I had my ass handed to me by Jami multiple times, turning into Jami’s pet each and every time.

Dat Whip

Underdeveloped and with crappy gear, it was time I pulled out of the mansion and went back into town. With the gold I had obtained from the random encounter monsters, I bought myself a new sword, armor, and shield along with potions for the coming battle. Deciding that it would be better to rest up and replenish my health, I went back to Setia’s inn for some R&R. What I did not expect was that the gorgeous Setia, would come inside the room and attacked Raidy sexually ;D whoot! I give this in a 6 star rating!

Sexy Times

After some interesting lesbian action, it was time for Raidy to once again return to her ass kicking ways, and sure enough to kick some Jami butt. After some grinding, I kicked down Jami’s door, once again watching her torture the same girl as before, and finishing her off with a lightning slash! Finally, after the countless times of losing, it was satisfying to see Jami tied up and tortured by Raidy! Me Gusta.


Satisfied with my revenge, it wasn’t long before my little S&M play had been trampled on by the story. Turns out, there was a larger conspiracy involved in Lake Blue, and Jami was just a minor part of the games problems! Angered, Raidy follows the hooded stranger to no luck, and just return back to town for some rest.


Succeeding in rooting out the Jami bandits, Raidy then goes forth on her next conquest… to a strange cavern. I pause at this point and think, “Hmm… something tells me I’m going to be in trouble at the end.” Without saving, I continue forward and combat through the denizens and defeating the bosses inside bit by bit. I make my first run against a priestess of chaos… and fuck… I don’t wanna talk about the backstory… but turns out in the game there is a god of life and death, and because the two fought each other, the god of chaos is born…  Anyways, this priestess meets her maker at Raidy’s sword and is tied up (with conveniently placed rope) and is repeatedly hammered with a life sucking dildo… >.> Japan… why do you shame me at times.

I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

Okay, repeatedly fighting bosses and going down to the lower levels, I come across the fifth floor of this cavern, where I meet Rejiru, a succubus who… you cannot hope to win at this point. Due to her weird mist ability, she causes Raidy to be sexually aroused and submissive, causing you to instantly lose to her after beating her, in which she has her way for you before putting you in a cell and throwing away the key… fuck… my… life… Rage quit!


Having enough of the game. I quit while I was ahead, and turned it off. I’ll be back on it later in the day… but fuck! I am tired of playing it! My opinion of this game is slightly higher, and the flaws are still annoying as hell. Ugh… I’ll be back… Until next time.


One Hell of a Month/ Lightning Warrior Raidy 2 Preview Part 1

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With the new year came an ever looming fact, that I, Edwin Vega, would be screwed by the coming semester; and behold, I was right. Classes have been a bitch, with two English classes, math, and Japanese 101, it goes without saying that I have been pounded in the rear end (metaphorically) with piles of homework and papers. With Midterms finally done, and my luxurious spring break beginning… tomorrow, March 26, I would like to make the following additions to make this erogaming blog in hopes that it will thrive with more posts. I have decided to post briefly about the current Visual Novel titles I have been playing, rather than wait until I beat them and then talk about it. In addition, I will also be talking about Hentai Videos and doujinshi (fan made manga), and many of these I have already watched and have… disturbing comments on some…

These are the new updates I am adding, and without further pause, I introduce to you my thoughts on Lightning Warrior Raidy 2

Interesting art cover for such a promising RPG

Now you may ask… Why 2? It is because neither I nor David, who supplied me with LWR2, do not own the first game. Not finding this a roadblock, seeing as the first game does not affect the second much, I installed the game and set on my journey as the scantily clad warrior who… controls lightning… >.> oh boy…

Wandering Vagabond

Wandering Vagabond

We start our journey with Raidy, walking across a long desert to an unknown land, very typical. I, the player, came  across my first issue with the game… the voices. Scraggly voices ruined my touch on Raidy’s quest throughout the land of Els, and also simply turned me away temporarily from playing it. That is right, the minute I heard Raidy breathing, I turned off the game (without saving), and walked away. After a brief argument with David, I decided to go back to the game and at least get farther than 5 seconds in the game.

Well… after pushing through the first 2 minutes, I learned more about Raidy’s struggle to understand her mysterious lightning powers, and how she travels the land of Els in search of answers. The story, so far, does not have me amased as she makes it to the Oasis town of Lake Blue. I come across my second issue with the game… the map. Like other RPG’s, Lake Blue has a weapons store, item shop, a tavern, and an Inn to stay at. The problem is that you have to go to each of these places and get acquainted with the store owners, which is a large part of the games dialogue. You obtain information through dialogue, and sometimes get clues to hidden items and quests as well as… tasty sexual intimacy. Okay… back to the issue! The problem I have with is that my first twenty minutes playing, I spent talking to the store owners, learning the events happening in Lake Blue, and while all this was happening I found the entire conversations time consuming and annoying. There was no skip feature, and of course, since this is a japanese visual novel and not a full fledge RPG, it felt like I was playing Castlevania 2!

Pushing aside my problems… I head into the Inn and meet the lovely innkeeper Setia, a buxom purple haired Innkeeper dressed as a maid. A brief conversation and bath later, I am given a brief glimpse of Raidy’s past and the events of the previous game. Issue number 3 is found here, where I have to repeatedly click a single dialogue option until all that was readily available to read was completed, then do the same for the other 2 options! It maddened me spending ten minutes reading at this pink haired bimbo’s troubles in Sadd with Cabadd the Sex Demon, and all her troubles in the land of Els! The only way to progress is to completely read all the words she dishes out… it drives me insane, and this RPG element makes all other problems in the game look minor! Worst RPG ever!

Finishing up the bath and a night of rest later, you are given a taste of the first fight you have, when Setia is being kidnapped by a female bandit. Before she can run away with her prize, Raidy teaches the baddy a lesson in pain, and off the gal runs to warn her bandit buddies. You do not fight this time though, which would have been a welcomed addition since a fight would have made the game interesting at this point. Allowing the bitch to escape, and rescuing Setia, you are once again introduced to the annoying and repetitive dialogue options!!!! FUUUUUUUUUU


After completing the conversation, you learn about the Jami Bandits and how they have been kidnapping the women in Lake Blue for some unknown purpose cough **Sex Slave** cough. Setting your eyes on destroying the Bandit’s schemes, the opening video is played… Stomaching only so much… I once again rage quit and damned any cat girls that died from my action.

Lightning Warrior Raidy Opening

This… ends my rage fest on the game. I’ll continue playing this sometime later, after my rage has subsided and such. This game incorporates every hateful element of an RPG, such as grinding, repetitiveness, and endless rage fests of dialogue. The bright side is, the combat system, character designs, and subtle sexual scenes are a minor plus… but it cannot save the games flaws at this point. I’d have to play further if I want to go into more detail on this, but for now… thats about it… wait for part 2 in the following week…. I swear, this is forced enjoyment as well… I can’t love it at all… Until next time.

A Drug That Gives You Feels- A Yume Miru Kusuri Review

January 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

I am not new to Visual Novels; I know the concept very well and the time and effort (and debugging if necessary) for a VN to be ready for the public. Each time I obtain a copy I expect to be submerged with a great story, relate to the main character in some form, and to love the girls themselves as people in their own universe. I don’t think of a VN as simply a game with text or simply graphic images meant to be collected; instead I honestly think of it as a book with pictures, sound, and music to enhance my experience. I have become an Erogamer for a short period, perhaps only completing an insignificant amount to even call myself an Erogamer, and yet I think of myself as one nonetheless because I’ve grown to like these games for what they are; visual auditory art. No game is alike. Each is different and unique and some with mini-games of their own; yet in my opinion not many take an approach to realism as much as Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream.


Click for Link :3

The plot of YMK is one that I found to be too true in the real world.  The game bases its core game on three main problems that can be found not only in Japan or America but all around the world; Bullying, Drugs, and Interpersonal. It is not a pretty subject to use for a visual game yet Rúf not only used them they accomplished a masterpiece that I believe can touch the hearts of many who play it. I for one have been bullied, dabbled with drugs (hardly), and have struggled to keep my relationship more times than I care to remember; all these are things I always made a point to avoid… at least until my friend told me about YMK. At first I was hesitant around a game involving three worst dramas in my life, but I was convinced… no bewitched to get my hands on it because of one heroine. Looking at this image simply made my heart ache as I saw a screenshot of Aeka on her knees with no soul helping her out except our hero. Of course YMK’s art is well illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura (best known for his art on To Aru Majutsu no Index), it was only a matter of time before I wanted it.

The CG that Made me Cry T_T

The games story revolves around our hero, Kagami Kouhei, who lives a double life of being the perfect honor student while despising his uninteresting and distant life both in social society and with his family. Losing his parents at a young age and adopted he simply believes that the only way to not be a bother to them is to go through the motions of life while sacrificing his own desires. As boring and uninteresting as a character his life changes when he interacts with one of the three heroines of the story; Aeka, Nekoko, and Mizuki. The game itself starts relatively the same, in which our hero awakens from his dream and lives his school life blandly until he is introduced to each girl. **Warning** The game itself branches out to three routes and the negligence of not following a character would end the game!!! To make this as simple as possible I followed this route because I wanted to. Me and my friend David have a little dibs contest on which girl we pursue in each Visual Novel so I made it a point to call dibs on her. With our little game aside I got around to installing the game and pursue Aeka. This route explanation goes in order of completion from first to last… this however does not mean that I enjoyed each route the same (all were enjoyable). I will say my opinion at the conclusion of this.

A New Opponent Has Entered The Ring!!!

The first route revolves around Shiraki Aeka, a transfer student who is bullied by Kyouka Nanjou (commonly called Antoinette by our hero) and her friends with no clue as to what started this grudge. Perhaps one of the most harrowing routes out of all simply because not a single person helps her… yet she keeps on smiling as if nothing is wrong with her which truly makes my heart ache and question my bullied life. Of course what frustrated me the most was that Kouhei himself was one of these negligent people who did not get involved!

Of course Kouhei got more and more interested in Aeka and he slowly realizes what is going on with Aeka and is disgusted that no one notices. Knowing that no one will help he takes it upon himself to give her a helping hand and involving himself with her. Little by little Aeka’s strong shield and carefree smile dimishes the more Kouhei gets closer to the point that she breaks down. Not knowing anything of a friend until Kouhei she desperately makes it a point to try to keep him selfishly by her side through any means possible (from suicide to offering her body).

Stay With Me

Even after agreeing to be with her Aeka herself knows that if Kouhei gets more involved with her that he would be put in danger; to remedy this Aeka demands that during class to completely ignore her no matter what. That is right… To help her I had to ignore her and continue “Not getting involved.” Despite all this drama I still found her appealing and continued on. I, like Kouhei, wanted to save her from her misfortune. So when Antoinette approached Aeka in a pissed off mood with scissors in hand I finally cheered Kouhei on to get off his ass and intervene! If it were me I’d have gotten in and beat that bitch up to a bloody pulp, but of course Kouhei getting involved meant that he would suffer with her and be neglected by the class itself… but who cares. Kouhei finally did the right thing.

Kouhei Stops Nanjou- Greatest Moment in YMK

Inevitably dooming myself to be tortured the drama gets more intense as Nanjou’s boyfriend arrives at school and brutally beats Kouhei to a pulp in class simply because Nanjou demanded blood. Kouhei’s friends ignore him for fear they’ll be targeted and even the teacher is oblivious to the thrashing. I got more angry by the second not only at the Nanjou and her group but also for everyone else who did nothing to stop this pain. The silver lining is that Aeka and Kouhei get closer and protect each other both at school and outside… but all that comes crashing down when Nanjou makes her move and pins Kouhei and Aeka on the roof.

The Final Showdown

The entire roof scene was the symbol of human ugliness. With Nanjou’s boyfriend beating up Aeka and Kouhei helpless to do anything, all he could do at the moment was watch as this transpired. Even I could not believe that Nanjou was this hideous in character… yet when Nanjou’s boyfriend attempts to rape Aeka does Kouhei gain the strength to overpower the girls holding him down with tazers at hand and turn the tables by grabbing a re-tractor knife and threatening Nanjou to end this. Even her goons and boyfriend abandon her at the mercy of Kouhei and Aeka in which they too show no mercy and punish her.

What Comes Around Goes Around

After finally resolving their bully problem, Kouhei and Aeka drop out of school. Aeka moves in with Kouhei (with the blessing of his parents) and the two start their lives anew together. Truly a heartwarming and well deserved ending to a dark story.


The Second Route I selected was Cat Sidhe Nekoko’s route, the drug addict, which I found to be the most energetic of the three girls and perhaps one of the most mysterious. You are first introduced to Nekoko at work in which… you find her passed out in the back on a pile of trash. Hungry and asking for help you have the choice to help her out or totally ignore her (which I did)… biggest mistake of my life. Not only did she go on a rampage and break into the store room she knocked out Tsubaki (the gay employee who is pretty cool) with her “Magic wand” that is really a fucking stun rod! So Kouhei and I both react the same way in which we see Nekoko devour snacks and junk food to quell her hunger and scrams off just before the police shows up… some escape artist she is .-.

A wild Cat Sidhe Has Appeared!!!

Aside from that encounter Nekoko randomly shows up and either kisses you, runs away from the Yakuza (with you along), or eats. Yet despite the simplicity I managed to like Nekoko and her random talk about searching for the Faeries kingdom that she comes from; at that point I decided to pursue her to the ends of the earth to find this Kingdom. Knowing before hand that this kingdom is a hallucination from the drug she’s taking I still found the time with her enjoyable.


Well knowing already she was a druggie things become obvious to Kouhei that Nekoko is getting more and more addicted to this drug. After taking some himself and getting the worst crash for the next few days Kouhei would be willing to do anything to stop her from going deeper into the rabbit hole. His co-worker Tsubaki himself notices his struggle and is willing to help him out with advice, strengthening Kouhei’s resolve. Of course the question was finding out the exact drug she is on and when Kouhei learns of the drug he confronts Nekoko at Station Square and tells her to stop. Betrayed and angry, Nekoko climbs the Station Square tree and attempts to summon the Faerie kingdom… until the drug wears off and she helplessly clings to the tree for dear life after dropping her supply of pills… and though they are safely brought down the situation itself is far from being home free.

Come With Me If You Want To Live!!!

After being taken in custody by the police that night, Kouhei goes to school and faces his punishment at the principals office. I however did not expect that there would be another girl at the meeting and it hits me… NEKOKO IS A STUDENT!!! Throughout the game I’ve encountered her several times and she seemed to me like a typical library assistant who was shy and quiet and… well was afraid of Kouhei for some reason. The least likely person was indeed Cat Sidhe Nekoko… go figure. After a short talk the school has decided to be lenient with Kouhei but to go all out on Hiroko Sakurai (Nekoko’s real name) and after being in agreement that the adults did not try to understand the two teenagers Kouhei grows a pair and escape with Sakurai by his side.

Hiding out at a kids park, Sakurai breaks down in front of Kouhei and apologizes to Kouhei for ever involving him. She reveals that she was weak and colorless and when her life became too much she decided to become someone else and fell at the mercy of a drug dealer; talked into taking a sample Sakurai became trapped by the drug and created Nekoko. After learning this Kouhei brings it upon himself to finish what he promised and takes out the last drug on him and go off to search for the Faeries home. Surely enough, both Kouhei and Nekoko manage to find it and I could not tear my eyes away from the conversation. Here was that Faeries Kingdom that Nekoko had searched for… would she disappear from Kouhei’s life? Indeed Nekoko walks towards the majestic city and after questioning Kouhei to come along she retreats from the faeries home and returns to the heroes side and run off to the school library. Breaking in the two spend the night together before Nekoko runs off and disappears.

Should Be Obvious... No Witty Comment Is Available

After Sakurai’s unexplained disappearance Kouhei recovers ever slowly from his heartbroken state and eventually breaks down and tells them about the last night he spent with Hiroko Sakurai. Two years later and Kouhei receives a letter from a recent built theme park with two premiere tickets inside. The theme park itself resembles something out of Nekoko’s mind and Kouhei goes on the slight hunch that he would be reunited with Hiroko; surely enough I got impatient and felt that I got the bad ending as Hiroko does not show up for most of the day. Just when me and Kouhei go into despair until the intercom requests “Mr. Kagami Kouhei” to the Ferris Wheel. Surely enough Hiroko shows up and after an awkward reunion the route end with fireworks setting off, a perfect end to Nekoko’s wonderland. T.T


Lastly the third arc… Mizuki Kirimiya’s route. Known at the school as the Student Council President, she is perhaps one of the most popular girl at the school and well respected… or so Kouhei thinks. In reality she is a girl who has been given the responsibility of Student Council President against her will and because of this she secretly runs away and causes chaos, though this remains unknown to most of the student body. To Kouhei she is simply put drop dead gorgeous with blackmail as her main weapon but to me she was a walking fun house who I both loved to hate and hated to love.

A President at Work

The second encounter we (me and Kouhei) had with Kirimiya was when she barged into the class looking for someone to help her out… and that unfortunate soul happens to be noneother than our hero, Kouhei Kun. Trying to run away (like I did) did not help and instead Kirimiya made up on the spot a terrible lie about Kouhei liking Scat material pornography in which… destroyed my image of her being the “responsible type character. Both me and Kouhei wanted no part with her willingly, but seeing as I had finished the other routes I had intended I was obligated to see this quest through… and boy did I not look forward to it. Forced to do all the Student Council paperwork she wanted to part of, I felt really annoyed to the bones just working for a sarcastic and laid back president. One side character did have perhaps the best idea and made a run for it, quitting the student council and lashing out at Kirimiya by stealing an entire cake. With no real way to pay Kouhei back Kirimiya offers herself and… well the relationship somewhat starts there.

No Cake = Sexy Tiemz

Well after a bit of running around and chasing the president when she wanders out, Kouhei’s relationship and attachment to Kirimiya strengthens to the point that Kouhei decides to run for President the next Student Council Elections and in the meantime… he gets laid often ._. I mean really, one thing Kirimiya lacks is consideration for Kouhei’s morality; from sex in the Council Room to being chased around by Yakuza thugs Kouhei is always behind her being dragged into the messes and forced to clean up for her. The only real reward I got out of her route was when she hid while Kouhei scolded her for causing yet again another mess. At this point Kirimiya slightly confesses to him that she saw no future for herself and that she always lived “by the moment” literally damn the consequences, explaining her carefree nature. Puzzled and confused, both me and Kouhei wanted a real explanation that just needed answers… and at this point I willingly changed my opinion of her again.

Let Me In Your Heart

Even with my curious mind I still got annoyed by her care free nature before hand, yet after her confession I felt my curiosity piqued and I simply needed to know more about her… All that once again changed when Kouhei woke up drowsy out of his mind with a fake beard and strange clothes. What was going on I wondered as well. Turns out Kirimiya drugged and forced me into a free trip to Hong Kong! WHAT THE FUCK! I WAS KIDNAPPED! Furious out of my mind (and Kouehi too) I had no choice but to see this strange event through, getting out of the airport and spending most of the day gambling ._.

Someone Save Kouhei

After finishing our gambling spree (nearly cleaning the Casino to bankruptcy) Kirimiya and Kouhei stay at the Casino penthouse and do what any hormonal teenagers would do, make love. Yet of course it being Kirimiya this wasn’t going to be normal. Doped up on some sort of cheap cocaine, Kirimiya and Kouhei consumate while seeking out more pleasure ._. okay seems normal… until things escalate a bit too far in which Kirimiya leads Kouhei’s hands around her throat and he thus begins to strangulate her. Kirimiya made no point to plead to stop but rather enjoyed and wanted things to continue, not minding if she died in the end. Forcing his entire body against her and the balcony railing things get hazardous with the railing nearly at its limits. I’m freaking out at this point, furiously pounding my mouse to find out what was going on! Kouhei and Kirimiya are about to fall and for the first time I felt my attachment to Kirimiya appear. I disliked her but I did not want her or Kouhei to die. All the trouble she caused Kouhei had gotten me semi attached and if the game ended like this I would be furious!

Teenage Drama is Extreme - Do Not Attempt

Surely enough the duo fall from their balcony. Kouhei being high on drugs only feels slight inertia and the skylight around him blurring as he is unaware of what happened. Luckily for the two they landed inside the pool and Kouhei, with the help of the water, snaps out of his high and immediately realizes what has happened. I’m furious at both Kouhei and Kirimiya for this occurence and apparently so is the staff of the casino. Kirimiya who is fine as well just goes to Kouhei, wrapping her hands on his and laughing off the entire event. At this point both Kouhei and I realize that Kirimiya was willing to die that moment… no rather she wanted to die long before, only seeking the thrill and high that only endangering herself could bring. Of course she too realizes that she can’t force Kouhei to do the same and as they get out and rest up a bit the two return the next day home… Shame.

The Real Kirimiya

Things seem to have somewhat normalized and yet Kouhei is still in love with Kirimiya and wants to snap her out of her confusion. Their relationship mostly intimate had now gotten emotional as well and Kouhei was not about to give up the sudden improvement… that is until he strangely collapses and is sent to the hospital from being overworked. Not accepting this as a hindrance, Kouhei goes to school and attempts to help Kirimiya who objects to his decision but eventually caves in and continues work. Drama comes up and Kouhei’s (step) parents barge in the room and forcibly try to take him back by force; lashing out at him Kouhei says something he somewhat regrets, saying that “Your not my real family, why should you care” to which he learns the truth. Despite being adopted and taken in by the Kagami’s his father says that even if he’s not his own blood he still loved him as his own son. Guilted and crushed, Kouhei follows along and leaves Kirimiya behind… but not for long. Kirimiya shows up to Kouhei’s place (sneaking up his window) and talks it out with Kouhei. Confused but still madly in love, Kouhei confesses to her once again and the two… well deepen their love intimately.


And so we come to the part where I… well honestly, thought I fucked up. Kirimiya disappears and Kouhei becomes Student Council President, setting new rules to better the school against bullies and drugs and becoming a good leader. Despite this Kouhei is depressed with Kirimiya’s disappearance and despite hiring a private investigator he had recieved terrible news that Kirimiya was… nowhere to be found and presumed deceased. D: Not good bro! I thought I really messed up but Kouhei just sighs and gives up… yet the story does not end there. Shopping with his sister while their parents celebrated their anniversary, Kouhei is greeted by a ghost of the past… who is this girl in black? None other than Kirimiya herself and with an almost strange change to her figure.

Bun in the Oven

Yes Kirimiya is pregnant with Kouhei’s baby. Strangely returning Kirimiya freaks out that she can’t stop thinking about the future that seemed to alien to her. She hated the future since she knew she was going to die, yet with the thought of a baby being in the mix her outlook changes and she can’t stop thinking of the possibilities that weren’t there. Without much thought Kirimiya returns to Kouhei to announce this news and expecting a rejection. Instead he not only accepts this but wants to be a part of both Kirimiya’s and their childs life. Surprised Kirimiya cries and… well goes into labor ._. no joke. Right on Kouhei’s bed with Aya delivering the baby. One things for sure… how does one explain to the parents when they come back? A thought that got to me and made me laugh. Kouhei’s parents are surprised but make no objection to this outcome and accept Kirimiya as their own. One  things for sure is that they have to celebrate their anniversary and their grandchild’s birthday on the same day. A fitting end to this route was the outcome. A rough route that I never expected to come out at the end loving it. Kirimiya’s outlook is better and with their baby growing the two will be busy getting their lives together for a bit and loving each moment of it.

A Great End to the Most Annoying Route

With all three routes complete its safe to say I have gotten every CG and collectable I can get. So I should express the bottom line. Yume Miru Kusuri’s concept takes its teenage drama theme and makes it as over the top as it possibly can. The realism is quite over the top that it isn’t real anymore :I The girls each were unique and different but the scenarios really did make it seem awkward. However, this game does a great job at handling the drama and getting the player get into each girl. The story is new and fresh and I really had a great time playing it. My judgement is that this game “SHOULD” be played… but it might not be for everyone. I had a great time with it and I hope others do too. My favorite route was certainly Aeka’s and after completing her route I already felt a sense of completion. Yume Miru Kusuri is one such game that deserves praise and play so get around to it and please buy and support great games such as Yume Miru and I hope to see you another time. Good day and remember to never judge a book by its cover.